Saturday, February 23, 2008

Woo Scary !

It's a headset that allows you to preset thoughts as actions in a game. So you can think of what you want to happen, and it will happen.I wonder if this is where gaming will go. Think about the possibilities though - you could have instant micro.

i so wanna get one of these when they'r out , only problem is , it costs around 300$ , i wonder what sort of gamers that could afford it !

on the other side of the continent , precisely midan el Hegaz , my home , our kitchen , ive just made my first salad plate today , oh yea i'm good , the expert chef " mom" says it tastes good too !

next thing should be rice , and then chicken , gotta learn how to cook coz am gonna need it soon since mom is travelling to ksa to stay with my dad and i will be left alone for months , good times.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Its really sad when someone dies leaving a family that once was depending on him , yesterday my friend's father has passed away , rabbena yer7amo isA , i dont feel like writing much about it , just dont forget him bel do3a2.

on a bright side , my father finnaly announced he is willing to buy me a new car , after lots of researches and phone calls and boring people at the agencies , there is a small hope the car might be a Nissan Sunny, so , elly feeh el kheir ye3melo rabbena isA.

thats all for today cause in a few minutes i will be heading to el 3aza of my friend's father , rabbena yer7amo w yer7amna gamee3an.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


another semester , with new midterms starting ,actually i just had my first midterm today , i did pretty well , altho i made a stupid mistake in the last problem but it shouldnt really matter ( i hope ).

i am still waiting for mostafa's bro to hit me with the good news about the Guitar Hero guitar controller which i'm DYING to get one , unfortunately that " technology " didnt arrive to our beloved advanced country yet, however i'm still holding my hopes high.

alright time to get ready for tuesday's midterm ( Communication I )
its a really tough subject , one of the hardest in engineering , and our instructor keeps telling us we have no chance to pass this subject , very optimistic eh

Friday, February 15, 2008

My first blog

oh well , i am sitting here in my room alone ( as usual ) , supposed to be studying but dont really feel like memorizing a single word , its this boring subject again ( fields A ) i took it before , and i really hate it , however , our dear institute hired this new doctor for us instead of the old i-understand-nothing-just-memorize-it-all doctor , actually they didnt really hire him , they just made him the subject's instructor for just this semester hoping he would change the success % of this subject .
instead of studying, i have just watched Resident evil expansion , one of the few movies ive been looking forward to watching , however , it got me somehow disappointed , not as good as its predecessors , but i am no critic really so i just enjoyed the action and the blood and thats what i love the most about Resident evil ( besides the storyline for sure ).
alright thats enuf for my first blog , i think there will be many to come.